7 day challenge day 4

Short Stories

I got down with the flu so my day 4 blog was delayed one day. Now let´s hope my brains work well enough today to write something. It will be some short stories today because I can´t think in a straight line.

Do you know that a tree is an incredible creature? I always get surprised again; a tree is a giant plant, just growing there, for years and years out of the earth into the sky. When I look close enough this world is really full of miracles, just in my own backyard.

I have something with soft toys; somehow they are as addictive as plants. I bought one to give away to a friend, but now I want to keep it! I have to buy another one. I feel I am still a child sometimes. I remember when I was a kid: my mum had this secret drawer with presents she would give to other people. I opened it once and saw some cute mice soft toys in there. I decided to rescue them and keep them for myself. Because to live in a drawer… that´s no life for a mouse!

Nowadays I rescue real rabbits instead; I suppose it´s a bit more helpful for them. Really, a house rabbit does not survive the winter out in the cold, especially not if she´s pregnant. My rescue bunny got 4 little kids, now my whole shed is full of fluffy creatures! I would like to build a great playground for them so they have enough space to move and play. I have to make it in such a way that my cats can´t get in, and the bunnies can´t get out. They´re much smarter than I thought: One of them has found a way to jump over the fence I put up inside the shed. Now I just turn my back and he escapes. It´s a strange irony: we breed creatures that cannot really survive in the wild anymore, at the same time – of course – they don´t like to be in cages. So they try to escape, we put them in the cage again for their own good. I just hope I can build a cage that is big enough for these fluffy guys.

When I´m sick I expect to be pampered. Hmmm, ok. What now? I´m not sure if this expectation is really helpful right now.

When will I grow uP? Not today.

I will get tomato soup in 5 minutes, that gives me hope. I like tomato soup.


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